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Welcome To The World of MicroSoil®

Welcome to the World of MicroSoil®

Since 1996 Biomassters Global, Inc. has manufactured and distributed worldwide proven natural/organic MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products that help increase crop yields, enhance crop quality, reduce chemical fertilizers and reduce farming costs. Our MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Program customizes protocols for growing natural sustainable crops and reclaiming soils, whether in fields or in controlled greenhouse environments, for any and all crops or plants throughout the world. All of our products are 100% natural, non-toxic, non-hazardous and totally safe for use with people, plants and pets.

Biomassters, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Don D. Haller solely for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing MicroSoil® worldwide. In 2012 Biomassters, Inc. was expanded into Biomassters Global, Inc. operating as a C Corporation in the State of Nevada, USA.

The mission of Biomassters Global is to cooperatively work with all entities in any country, including government agencies, corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations, educational groups and individuals that are seriously interested in helping clean up our environment, while at the same time, maintaining a thriving natural/sustainable agriculture industry that places top priority on increasing crop yields and crop quality (NutrientRich™ foods) at the same time.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

Today, worldwide agriculture problems are increasing. Water systems are rapidly becoming toxic, top soils are being depleted, soils are producing fewer crops, crop quality is diminishing, the use of GMOs is becoming more widespread, and synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides are being linked to cancer and other diseases. Natural/sustainable farming methods are necessary not only for the survival of global agriculture, but for the production of nutritious food for the global population.

The use of MicroSoil® can help reduce the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers by 50%-75%, even within the first year. This will, however, require a change in farming methods, a different attitude, and a willingness to take responsibility for the quality of food grown and sold in the marketplace.


Our Above and Beyond Organics™ Concept

Our natural occurring ingredients work symbiotically with Nature’s processes by “Putting Life Back into the Soils” to help soils become healthy and function as intended. MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products and MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Programs help create dynamic soil conditions, which in turn result in increased crop production, enhanced NutrientRich™ food crops for our families, and higher profits for farmers and growers. This is what our Above and Beyond Organics™ concept is all about.

Our primary concern has been and always will be to help create and promote the healthiest and most nutrient balanced environment for all soil life (micro-flora and micro-fauna) in order that the soil can function as originally intended since the beginning of time.

Nature always follows the simplest and most efficient natural pathways. Our MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products align with these natural processes, thereby creating unique formulations that keep the soil and all growth environments in a coherently balanced energetic state, and establishing an ecosystem that produces life enriching energy fields.

All MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products are approved as acceptable organic input materials, meaning that they can be used for growing food crops labeled as “Organic". All of the major organic agencies noted below – CCOF (USA, Canada, Mexico, European Union), CDFA California), OT (USA & Mexico), OC (California), and OKOP (European Union) – prohibit the intentional use of GMOs.

CCOF Business Partner



All MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products are CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) approved, meaning that they can be used as input materials for growing food crops labeled “Organic".  The CCOF label and CCOF approved produce are recognized in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the European Union.





Two Biomassters Global products, MicroSoil® and Pristine™ Soil Supplement Concentrate, are certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) as Organic Input Materials (OIM) in the State of California, meaning that they can be used for growing produce labeled “CDFA Certified Organic”. Biomassters Global developed these two unique CDFA-approved formulas only for sale in California.





Oregon Tilth
January 08, 2016
Oregon Tilth has approved our MicroSoil® product to be allowed for use in approved Oregon Tilth Organic System Plans as a Soil Amendment under the National Organic Program (NOP) Standards. No use restriction is applied to this product.
Organic Certifiers

Organic Certifiers

Our “CDFA Certified Organic” products, MicroSoil® and Pristine™ Soil Supplement Concentrate, are also approved by Organic Certifiers (OC) for use in organic certified agriculture farming in California.

The CCOF, CDFA and OT and OC are governed by the Authority of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards.  CDFA’s OIM program is also recently accredited to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17965 requirements.


MicroSoil® approved by the European Council of Agriculture Ministers agency OKOP to be used as organic input materials for growing organic agriculture in all European Union countries. Organic agriculture grown in the European Union carries the “Euro-Leaf” Organic Certification Label (twelve stars arrayed in a leaf design against a green background).
Bionutrient Food Association

Biomassters Global is a member of the Bionutrient Food Association, which is focused on improving food quality and increasing crop nutrient content, while helping farmers and growers make their operations more lucrative and sustainable.




Biomassters Global is proud to be an Affiliate Member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), whose vision is the worldwide adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems based on the principles of Organic Agriculture.


MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products

The use of 100% natural MicroSoil® products helps to increase organic matter, build dynamic soil systems that elevate the quality and quantity of all crops and plants. Results include increased quantity of crop yield, enhanced quality of crops, increased Brix (sugar content) of crops, more robust root systems, accelerated blooming, faster plant maturity, more harvest cycles per year, reduction in use of chemical fertilizers, reduction in fertilizer costs, reduction of water consumption, and increased profits for growers.
Our MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products can be used alone or interchangeably to increase the fertility of soils and crops. All of our products consist of 100% natural occurring materials, are GMO and PGR free, and are totally safe and non-toxic for people, animals and the environment.


MicroSoil®, our marquis product since 1996, is formulated with natural occurring soil microorganisms combined with natural enzymes, polysaccharides and polypeptides. MicroSoil® assists in the growth of nitrogen fixing microorganisms and all other beneficial and “native soil microorganisms,” to enhance and optimize the decomposition of animal and plant residues, and to enhance organic matter in the soils. MicroSoil® is not a fertilizer or a replacement for fertilizer or any soil element, macronutrient or micronutrient. It is a microbial, non-plant food product, a unique and perfectly balanced synergistic catalyst developed to holistically enhance the dynamics of Nature’s processes and rhythms.

EnRich™ N48

All natural formula with 48% natural/organic non-leachable readily available nitrogen (EC 15.0+) derived from a proprietary blend of natural occurring highly concentrated and stabilized broad-based amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, sugars and proteins. Designed for all types of agriculture applications.


A concentrated blend of stabilized synergistic catalysts and exceptionally high nutrient values due to its electrical conductivity (EC 15.0+) that is ideal for large greenhouses, hydroponics, aero-ponics and foliar applications. Designed for controlled high impact environments where optimum health, growth and quality crop yields are required.


All natural multi-purpose formula that enriches nutrient values in food crops and enhances plant growth with 13% non-leachable nitrogen derived from GRAS approved amino acids.

FreshWash™ for Fruits & Vegetables

A sanitizing wash that reduces food loss by extending the freshness and shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. Designed for use in the field, food processing plants and in grocery stores.

MicroSoil®’s PristineGreen™ Products

This trio of products is designed to ensure beautiful, vibrant and eco-friendly golfing environments. TripleGreen™ for tee-boxes, MicroSoil®Green™ for fairways and PristineGreen™ for greens were developed specifically for golf course and grass/turf management based on our over 18 years of experience working in developing countries with very poor soil and water conditions.

BioTech/AgriZymes MPX-923

A multi-enzyme based product designed to meet the needs of a water sensitive agro-environment by serving as a catalyst for increasing soil bacterial activity and micro-organism growth that digest fertilizers and minerals in the soil and make them readily available to roots for assimilation. Applications range from home to industrial oil cleanup, water treatment, sewage cleanup, agriculture inoculation, compost acceleration, odor reduction, and many other uses.

BioTech/AgriZymes MPX-900

A broad based spectrum of enzymes, co-enzymes and amino acids designed to complement and enhance the cleanup of compromised water and soil sensitive eco-systems.

PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals & Elements

A colloidal mineral concentrate derived from plants in fulvic humic shale and clay deposits containing over 74 liquid trace minerals and elements.

FAQ: Why are PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals and Elements so important?

All living things, man, animals, and plants require over 90 trace minerals and elements to be present in order to maintain a healthy life. Yet, most of these vital minerals and elements are completely missing in the fruits and vegetables we consume every day due to nutrient poor soils caused by overuse of synthetic chemical fertilizers. In fact, researchers have found that many diseases can be traced to the deficiency of specific trace minerals, such as iron.

Why use chemical fertilizers? By only using chemical fertilizers which generally consist of only NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur, crops can still grow large enough to produce profits for farmers, however crop nutrient values are very low and totally inadequate to maintain proper soil health, let alone be healthy for human and animal consumption.

The addition of MicroSoil® Agriculture Products including PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals and Elements are all-inclusive alternatives to artificial chemical fertilizers, because they provide all of the naturally occurring nutrients required for optimum plant growth and the enrichment of all food crops while, at the same time, balancing soil energy, which is the foundation for soil health and a productive, profitable agricultural ecology.

Agricultural Markets

Proven MicroSoil® Results in Global Markets

Since 1996, MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products have been used by farmers and growers around the world in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our Chronicle of Uses and Trial Results include over 160 different trial results, for more than 100 different field and greenhouse crops, in 16 different countries and counting!
From the massive greenhouse complexes of northern China and southern Spain, where fruits and vegetables of all sorts are grown year-round for global export, to tropical plantations of sugarcane and banana in Mexico and Ecuador, to vast open fields of sorghum around the world, Texas corn fields, and California avocado groves and grape vineyards – the clean/green synergistic technologies of MicroSoil® Agriculture Products are a part of natural/sustainable farming around the globe.

To discover more, we welcome you to spend time with our Chronicles of MicroSoil® Agriculture Product results from around the world.
MicroSoil®TailorMade™ Fertilization Program
Fertilization Program
MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Program

We design our MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Program to fit each farmer’s current combination of soil conditions, irrigation method, fertilization application, and crops grown in order to optimally increase crop yield and elevate crop quality, while reducing fertilizer costs and use of chemicals. Whether in the field or in the greenhouse, our proven protocols and products work with the natural rhythms of Nature to help farmers worldwide utilize their soils to the optimum level to improve agricultural performance.
Soils all over the world are unique, each with various nutrient compositions and grown with various crops, therefore, our MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Program is designed and customized specifically for each grower’s soil and crop.

This protocol is based on a laboratory soil analysis test of all macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, Ph, CEC and Base Saturation, plus a completed Fertilizer Questionnaire to determine current water and fertilizer application rates and practices. Once these factors are known, we review the data, evaluate the nutrient needs of crops to be grown in the soil, and then provide our recommendations utilizing our proven products and programs in conjunction with other local available organic and inorganic materials. All of our materials and methods are strictly in accord with Nature’s natural processes and rhythms which have stood the test of time since the beginning of life on this planet.

Benefits & Results of MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Programs

Increase quantity of crop yield – up to 30%

Reduce chemical fertilizers by 25% to 50% in the first year

Increase sugar content - BRIX (nutrient uptake)

Reduce fertilization costs by 20% to 40% in the first year

Create lush green foliage with accelerated blooming

Increase organic matter & soil fertility

Help balance the pH factor of the soil

Increase profitability

Balance, the First Law of the Universe

The guiding principle which has determined our concepts and mission since 1996

“The Mineral Theory”

*Formulated in 1847 by Dr. Justus von Liebig

“The crops on a field diminish or increase in exact proportion to the
diminution or increase of the mineral substance conveyed to it in manure.”

(Manure in this sense is anything applied to the soil to serve as plant nutrient.)

Liebig’s stressed the value of mineral elements derived from the soil in plant nutrition and the necessity of replacing them to maintain soil fertility.

The yield potential of a crop is like a barrel with staves of unequal length.

The capacity of the barrel is limited by the length of the shortest stavein this case, nitrogen) and can only be increased by lengthening that stave.

When that stave is lengthened, another one becomes the limiting factor.

The Fertilizer Hand Book, 1982, Chapter 1 crop (page 5)


Frequently Asked Questions
Why are most soils worldwide in poor condition? This is mostly due to overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which deplete soil health. Our 100% natural MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products and MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Programs are designed to help create a balanced, nutrient enriched soil with increased beneficial soil microorganism activity, which provides the perfect environment for root system development, and ideal conditions to grow healthy plants and crops.
Why are crop yields higher?

Why is nutrient content higher?

Why is BRIX higher?

Why do you get more flowering?

Why are hot peppers hotter?

Why is oil content higher?

Why is sugar content higher?

Why do tomatoes taste better?

Why do the crops grow faster?

Why is size of the produce larger?

Why is produce more uniform in size?

Why are there more bees?

All of the most frequently asked questions about MicroSoil® have to do with the same principle.

When an Indy-500 race car is going over 220+ miles/hour (354+ kilometers/hour), everything on it MUST be perfectly balanced. If just one tire is slightly out of balance, the entire car vibrates violently and the car must slow down and pit or face the possibility of having a wreck. Or use the example of a finely tuned Swiss watch. It has many cogs and gears of many different sizes, but, if just one of those cogs or gears is not functioning properly, the watch cannot produce accurate time.

Our soils and eco-systems function precisely the same way. When all of the natural occurring micro-nutrients, macro-nutrients, trace minerals and elements are present and available in the soils, along with the proper amount of water, heat and sunlight, these conditions provide the perfect environment for root development, and proliferation of the native microflora and micro-fauna in the soils, which in turn creates the ideal conditions for all plant life to “be all it was meant to be”. In other words, actualize its full potential. Just like the Indy-500 race car and the Swiss watch.

Most soils worldwide are in poor condition and the micro-fauna (i.e., soil microorganisms) are virtually starving; and synthetic chemical fertilizers promote these conditions even more. Example: Have you ever seen earthworms lying dead all over a sidewalk after a rain? Well, this is caused when chemical fertilizers are used, then when it rains or when the ground is watered, the resulting condition creates a soil environment “too hot” for the earthworms to live in, and so they scramble out of the ground to get away from the intolerable heat.

When you have a healthy, nutrient balanced environment in your soils, the native life will explode and create vital usable energy – and in a very short period of time, all of the “Why's?” as noted above will be answered.

This is exactly what we strive to accomplish for all of our customers worldwide with MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Programs with products that are Above and Beyond Organics™. Since over 97% of the DNA in all plants in the world is identical, it is reasonable to concur that regardless of where you live, our proven products, farming methods and the irrefutable natural principles we advocate help to ensure a successful growing season, and everyone and our earth benefit greatly.

MicroSoil® Worldwide Proven Results Since 1996 … Because 97% to 98% of the DNA in all plants on Planet Earth is virtually the same!

MicroSoil® Instructions
A Wide Spectrum of 100% Natural Occurring Nutrients & PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements for Traditional, Natural/Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

MicroSoil® is a blend of natural occurring nutrients, PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals & Elements, polysaccharides and polypeptides meant to help re-establish, enhance and sustain the proliferation processes and rhythms for the flora and fauna, by putting life back in poor, damaged and mismanaged soils throughout the world. Its intended use is to help optimize the decomposition process of animal and plant residues and to aid in the process of building organic matter in the soil. It is 100% safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: If organic matter in the soil is less than 2%, add a small amount of Nitrogen (approximately 25% of what is normally used) by mixing it in with the MicroSoil® dilution. Soil pH should ideally be between 5.5 & 6.5. If practical, apply under damp or wet conditions (early morning or evening). Avoid applying during the heat of the day or when nighttime temperatures are below 5C (40F). MicroSoil® can be mixed and applied with fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. DO NOT USE WITH FORMALDEHYDE PRODUCTS, as they will retard the effectiveness of MicroSoil®.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: MicroSoil® follows water, so apply it in the water being used to water the root zone.

SUSTAINABLE FARMING: For best results, thoroughly stir MicroSoil® concentrate, then dilute by adding 100 liters of water to 1 liter of MicroSoil®. Stir again thoroughly before spraying this 100 liter dilution over (1) one hectare or 2.5 acres. NOTE: Best if ground is wet prior to application. If practical, apply to soil 1-2 weeks prior to planting or at seeding. If practical, a soil analysis of your growing medium should precede any application to help ensure maximum crop yields.

TURF / GRASSES / LAWNS: For best results, thoroughly stir MicroSoil® concentrate then dilute by adding 100 to 200 parts of water to 1 part MicroSoil® concentrate. (NOTE: 200 to 1 ratio is recommended with thick grass or in heavy thatch. Extra water is used to carry MicroSoil® down into the soil.) Mix thoroughly before applying 20 gallons of dilution per acre then sprinkle/water thoroughly. If using pivot or flood irrigation, 1.5 to 2 parts of MicroSoil® with 200 parts water may be needed on first application. For best results, apply as early in the season as possible. Mow and water grass before using, and water again after application. LAWNS: Mix (2) two ounces into (2) two gallons of water and spray over a 2,500 square foot area.

FLOWERS / PLANTS / GARDENS: For best results, mix (1) one liter of MicroSoil® concentrate with 100 liters of water. Mix again thoroughly before applying (2 liters of this dilution per 1000 square feet) or mix (2) two ounces into (2) two gallons of water and spray over a 2,500 square foot area.

TREES & TRANSPLANTING: For best results, thoroughly stir MicroSoil® concentrate then dilute with 50 parts of water to 1 part MicroSoil® concentrate. Mix thoroughly before using. Use approximately 1 liter of dilution per 6 feet of tree height (i.e. 2 liters if tree height is 12 feet). Injection directly into root biomass is best, however, soaking into root structure with water is also very effective.

COMPOSTING: MicroSoil® is the perfect accelerator for stimulating the decomposition process within compost piles. Dilute by adding 50 parts of water to 1 part MicroSoil® concentrate. Use at the minimum rate of one liter per each cubic yard of compost.

NOTE: MicroSoil® is intended to promote an increased population of beneficial soil microorganisms, thus helping to build a higher level of organic matter in the soil. Because microorganisms are subject to degradation upon exposure to high temperatures, ultraviolet light or long storage periods, we recommend applying MicroSoil® as soon as possible after diluting with water. Do not freeze or expose to temperatures over 120° F (48° C). IMPORTANT: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO MULCH OR COMPOST WITH CROP RESIDUES (or add a carbon source, i.e., molasses) or humus. MicroSoil® is NOT a Fertilizer, it is A NON-PLANT FOOD PRODUCT.

INGREDIENTS: By weight: 93.7% H2O solution with a 6.3% proprietary blend of natural/organic ingredients, including non-pathogenic nitrogen fixing soil microorganisms (Azotobacter and Clostridium), plus natural occurring nutrients, PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals & Elements, natural polysaccharides and polypeptides. GMO Free & No PGRs
Mfg. by Biomassters Global, Inc., 4894 West Lone Mountain Road, Suite 191

Las Vegas, Nevada 89130 USA

Massive Root Systems
Root Systems
MicroSoil® Products Help Balance Soils to Create Healthy Root Systems

MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products, which are 100% natural and work in accord with Nature’s irrefutable principles, help elevate organic matter in the soils to develop the massive root systems necessary for maximum plant growth and elevated crop yields. Because soils all over the world are unique, our MicroSoil® TailorMade™ Fertilization Program can be customized to help overcome deficiencies and create healthy fertile soils for any and all crops.
NOTE: The root development studies in this section are all available in our MicroSoil® Chronicles of this website.

The Importance of Plant Root Systems and MicroSoil®

The roots are the most powerful part of plants, acting as the brain of the plant. In fact, the root zone consumes the highest amount of oxygen in the plant and exhibits the same type signals produced by the neurons in the human brain, utilized in the exchange of information.

The function of root hairs is to collect water and mineral ions present in the soil and take this solution up through the roots to the rest of the plant. Root hairs form an important surface over which plants absorb most of their water and nutrients

Each small root hair may be less than 1 mm and only a few hundred cells, however, the surface area adds up over thousands of roots and root hairs. For example: it has been estimated that one (1) rye plant has approximately 14 million roots, with a total length of 622 km and a total surface area of 237 square meters. This is just one plant root system which networks with all other root systems of all other plants, kin or not, through electric signals.

When MicroSoil® is added to the soil, it becomes a functional part of the soil food web and an energy source that helps stimulate the proliferation of the indigenous microbial populations, while at the same time assisting in the creation of the optimum soil conditions for nutrient uptake, including soil pH, porosity, organic matter decomposition, water holding capacity, cation exchange capacity, etc.

The plant with its roots, and the soil, are a single biological system – a single, balanced organism. Chemical farming (farming with petroleum) destroys the balance in this natural system. When MicroSoil® is applied to this system, MicroSoil® becomes an integral component, restoring the natural balance on the molecular level, where the rhizoplane ends and the rhizosphere begins, i.e., where the root ends and the soil begins.
bee purple
The Importance of Bees and MicroSoil®

“If the bee disappeared from the face of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more animals, no more man.”

Albert Einstein

Crops treated with MicroSoil® not only grow much bigger and healthier with increased blossoming, but also tend to have a high population of bees present in those fields. In fact, the increased sugar and nutrient uptake in the plant flower nectar created by the use of MicroSoil® is responsible for creating a natural NutrientRich™ bee sanctuary. The high Brix and nutrient content in the blossoms tend to attract many more bees and other beneficial insects and birds because the blossoms are much richer in sugars and nectars. This makes for a more compatible and eco-friendly environment for the bees to collect those nutrients necessary for making their honey and maintaining their existence.
Chronicle of Uses and Trial Results JPG

The MicroSoil® Use and Trial Results

In order to better communicate information about our MicroSoil® Life Enriching Products and TailorMade™ Fertilization Solutions & Protocols, and information about our activities around the world, we have catalogued our MicroSoil® trial Chronicle of Uses and Trial Results and made them available for anyone to peruse. Since 1996 most all tests and trials were done independently by farmers, growers, distributors, universities and research laboratories worldwide WITHOUT our input. We currently have catalogued more than 150 different MicroSoil® tests of over 100 different crops from 16 different countries … and counting!
We welcome you to spend time with our Chronicle of Uses and Trial Results of MicroSoil® Agriculture Product results from around the world. The studies, test results, reports and captioned photographs herein are organized by LANGUAGE (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese) CROP (from Agave and Alfalfa … to … Walnut and Watermelon) COUNTRY (16 countries and counting) YEAR (from the 1990’s to the present day). All Chronicle of Uses and Trial Results are shown in their original format as we received them.

Our Chronicles of uses and trials are growing every day, as our distributors, growers and interested research entities around the world continually use our MicroSoil® Agriculture Products. Our MicroSoil® Products are routinely used on crops from fruits to nuts - from grains such as corn, wheat, rice and barley on the open plains to food crops of beans, broccoli, peppers and tomatoes; from grasses on golf courses to shrubs and flowers in your backyard; from orchards of apples, apricots, avocados, cherries, peaches, pecans and oranges to fields of blueberries and strawberries; and from any/all plants grown in all controlled environments such as greenhouses, hydroponics and aeroponics to any/all crops grown in open fields around the world.