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Building organic matter in soils is MicroSoil®’s primary role
Organic matter is the barometer of soil health.  The population of soil micro organisms that is supported by soil organic matter is of immeasurable benefit to roots,  plants and overall soil health.  More organic matter  means more decomposers that mineralize and recycle nutrients from plant and animal residues faster; more nitrogen fixing and mineralizing bacteria; more beneficial soil microcroorganisms that help dissolve minerals, translocate water from soil depths, helps to develop massive root systems, increases crop production  and helps to control pathogenic fungi; and this increased humus  causes increases in the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil.  Humus acts like a sponge in the soil which expands and contracts as its moisture level changes.  This activity within the soil increases porosity, which improves the movement of air and water throughout the soil.  As all these soil microorganisms travel through their own life cycles, they too, create even more organic matter. 
Organic matter is so very important because it increases the life span of any given soil by inhibiting weathering forces such as wind and water from destroying it beyond its most productive stage. 
It is important to note that whether you are cleaning up oil spills, wastewater, sewer treatment plants, composting or growing agriculture crops, you are using and must work in concert with natures C:N Ratio.  This is the prime principle in nature to either build or destroy organic matter.  When the C:N Ratio is controlled within a suitable environment and ideal temperatures, natures indigenous bacteria, processes and rhythms  will work wonders.

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“TailorMade Fertilizer Solutions
Soils all over the world are unique with various nutrient compositions and many various crops are grown in these soils, therefore, Biomassters &  Dr. Layan Said, Soil Physicist have joined together their knowledge, experience and expertise to bring into the21st. century a customized farming method that is specific to each farm and the specific crop being grown.   A truly TailorMade Fertilizer Program, which is designed and customized specifically for each grower’s soil and crop.  This protocol; is based on an A&L Labs soil analysis test of all macronutrients, micronutrients, Ph, CEC and Base Saturation, plus our completed Fertilizer Questionaire to determine current water & fertilizer application rates and practices.  Once these factors are known, we will review the data, evaluate the nutrient needs of crop being grown on referenced soils, then we will provide our recommendations utilizing our proven protocols & products in conjunction with other locally available organic and sometimes lesser amounts of inorganic materials. The materials and methods recommended are strictly in accord with nature’s natural processes and rhythms, and are supported by irrifutable physics principles,  which have supported and been responsible for all plant & animal life on this planet since the beginning of time.

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