Welcome To the World of MicroSoil®

This website, purposely, was constructed primarily for familiarizing our customers, distributors and any interested party, with our products, concepts, technologies, protocols and our capabilities. Worldwide, farmers and growers are clamoring for credible knowledge and proven products, in order to begin growing natural/sustainable crops for their customers. Herein, you will find such information.

Since 1996 Biomassters Global, Inc. has manufactured and distributed worldwide proven natural/sustainable MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products that help increase crop production, enhance NutrientRich™ food and commercial crops, reduce harsh synthetic chemical fertilizers, while increasing the farmer and grower’s profits.

Virtually all (97%) of the agriculture pictures in this website are pictures of crops that were “Grown with MicroSoil®” over the past (20) twenty years.

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Download (PDF, 599KB)

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